Monday, 20 May 2013

Cast Profile - Part 1.

Over the course of the next few weeks Im going to introduce to you my cast.

First up is Lorn Mayers who briefly but brilliantly appears in the film. For a non actor he pulled it off.

Lorn came to my attention via Pete Gibbons and we were and still are planning to make a fly on the wall / drama about his life story which is tragic as it is inspiring.

To abbreviate his story into a paragraph is very difficult but here goes.

Lorn, London born had an incredible gift for American Football and was about to make British and US history in 2006 when he was very nearly drafted into the Orlando Raiders in the NFL. However tragedy struck when on a visit back to London with a sports injury he was gunned down on New years eve  at the Elbow rooms, Islington. Remarkably he survived six gun shots at point blank range but his life in professional sport was over forever.  Yet today he is planning to return to sport via the Paralympics in Brazil and we plan to follow his determination and singleminded effort to get there. We have already shot a day with him at one of his first training sessions back which was an epic physical effort by Lorn. Lorn is an inspiration to all and a great guy.

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