Wednesday, 30 October 2013


On the 18th November I have my official screening for the film at Soho House which has a small but great screening room. If you can make it, heres the following details...


Friday, 25 October 2013

Film Poster

The 10am film poster can now be seen on an amazing resource for short film poster art work based out of the US. Its well worth checking out, theres loads of good poster art to look at. Im chuffed they've added our poster to that list.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Martin Serene plays Aeron Senior.

Martin is a true original and when I needed someone to play Mr Aeron (The dad) there was only one man in mind. Born in the heart of Salford and then onwards to everywhere but Salford, he is a class act both funny and sometimes frightening which makes for a useful and memorable mix.

Martin is both an actor and 1st assistant director by trade who at one time worked with the best in Hollywood including Tony Scott RIP. His first acting break of all films was playing Wild Bill in Se7en.  His scene involved the leather shop, need I say more.

Check Martins IMDB here

Heres Martin in the Leather Shop.

The 10am.

Score by Graham Massey

When I set out to create music for the short the first person that entered my head was fellow Mancunian Graham Massey. Graham is a pioneer in electronic music, acid house, famous for his band 808 State, collaborations with A Guy Called Gerald, Bjork, love for Sun Ra and loads of other great stuff and just a really top bloke.

Its funny then that when Graham agreed to do the soundtrack (amazing) that what actually came back had nish to do with electronic music and more to do with Steptoe and Son but twisted. Always expect the unexpected from Mr Massey. Thank you Graham.

To read more about Graham heres his wiki page:

Heres Graham with a full sized (Frank Sidebottom style) sculpture of himself by Korean artist Gwon Osang in the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester.

Festival No.6

Thanks to festival No.6 for giving The 10am its first test screening back in September. It played before The Stone Roses Doc 'Made Of Stone' directed by Shane Meadows. Apparently it went down really well. I couldn't be there!!